In This Place: Cultural and Spiritual Collisions Refine a Young Missionary in Liberia, West Africa

By Kim L. Abernethy
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Book Summary:

In 1985 Kim Abernethy, along with her husband, Jeff, followed a call from God to minister in the small West African country of Liberia. She writes of the fall of one of her daughters from a two-story building, shares candid emotions from when her husband had a close call with Lassa Fever, and delightfully chronicles many of her husband's adventures of being a bush pilot in the jungle of Liberia. Whether you are intrigued by the stories of foreign missionaries and how they adapt to a new culture or are heading towards the mission ï¬ueld yourself, you will ï¬und this book enlightening and inspiring. Inside you will ï¬und disbelief, tragedy, fear, anxiety, discontentment, and confusion, but there is also humor, delight, amazement, wonder, surrender, and a deep-seated joy as you watch how God - Little by little - Chipped away at the walls of pride, disbelief, stubbornness, and independence that had held Kim captive. It is an irresistible story of an infallible God proving Himself more than enough in every fathomable circumstance. IN THIS PLACE is the ï¬urst of two books that record the ï¬urst eighteen years of the Abernethy's unsettled, but yet fulï¬ulling missionary career. Gleaning stories and adventures from journals that she kept since December, 1985, IN THIS PLACE is autobiographical and concentrates mainly on their ï¬urst four years in Liberia. She is working on completing her second book, IN EVERY PLACE, which continues the Abernethy's missionary adventures from 1990 - 2002. IN EVERY PLACE is expected to be published by in late fall of 2011.

Mission Miracles and the Prayers of God's People

By Eleanor Fiol
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Book Summary:

Do you have difficulty knowing how to pray for the missionaries you support and have promised to uphold in prayer and/or for the missionaries your church supports? Do you feel that you can't pray for them if you haven't had news from them recently? Is it hard for your missions committee to motivate people to pray? This book is designed to make interceding for the advance of the Gospel interesting. It reviews biographies of missionaries of the past, some well-known and some not so, to illustrate how to pray for those of the present. It presents common needs for prayer for not only people working in cultures not their own but for all of God's servants as they labor anywhere. You will discover aspects of the missionary life that will remind you of your own struggles. You will gather insights as you see the hand of God working through ordinary people to accomplish His purposes. As you look back over long periods of time, you will better understand how God works all things together for the good of His people. You will marvel at how the Holy Spirit strengthened and used ordinary people like you and me to accomplish His purposes. Prayer lists at the end of each chapter will apply to any of God's servants anywhere and may be useful for quick reference in your prayer life. Use this book to organize a group by reading a chapter each meeting for discussion and prayer. Reference it for your private intercession. Or just read it for enjoyment and information as you would read any other book. 6

Claiming the Stones, Naming the Bones

By Elazar Barkan,Ronald Bush
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Book Summary:

These fourteen essays address controversies over a variety of cultural properties, exploring them from perspectives of law, archeology, physical anthropology, ethnobiology, ethnomusicology, history, and cultural and literary study. The book divides cultural property into three types: Tangible, unique property like the Parthenon marbles; intangible property such as folktales, music, and folk remedies; and communal "representations," which have lead groups to censor both outsiders and insiders as cultural traitors.

The Invention of Africa: Gnosis, Philosophy, and the Order of Knowledge

By Vy Mudimbe
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Book Summary:

"... groundbreaking... clear, straightforward, and economical.... seminal... " ―American Anthropologist "This is a challenging book... a remarkable contribution to African intellectual history." ―International Journal of African Historical Studies "Mudimbe’s description of the struggles over Africa’s self-invention are vivid and rewarding. From Blyden to Sartre, Temples to Senghor, Mudimbe provides a bold and versatile resume of Africa’s literary inventors." ―Village Voice Literary Supplement "... a landmark achievement in African studies." ―Journal of Religion in Africa In this unique and provocative book, Zairean philosopher and writer V. Y. Mudimbe addresses the multiple scholarly discourses that exist―African and non-African―concerning the meaning of Africa and being African.

Spatial Formats under the Global Condition

By Matthias Middell,Steffi Marung
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Book Summary:

Contributions to this volume summarize and discuss the theoretical foundations of the Collaborative Research Centre at Leipzig University which address the relationship between processes of (re-)spatialization on the one hand and the establishment and characteristics of spatial formats on the other hand. Under the global condition spatial formats are products of collective negotiations on the most effective and widely acceptable balance between the claim for sovereignty and the need for interconnectedness.

Colonialism and Missionary Linguistics

By Klaus Zimmermann,Birte Kellermeier-Rehbein
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Book Summary:

A lot of what we know about “exotic languages” is owed to the linguistic activities of missionaries. They had the languages put into writing, described their grammar and lexicon, and worked towards a standardization, which often came with Eurocentric manipulation. Colonial missionary work as intellectual (religious) conquest formed part of the Europeans' political colonial rule, although it sometimes went against the specific objectives of the official administration. In most cases, it did not help to stop (or even reinforced) the displacement and discrimination of those languages, despite oftentimes providing their very first (sometimes remarkable, sometimes incorrect) descriptions. This volume presents exemplary studies on Catholic and Protestant missionary linguistics, in the framework of the respective colonial situation and policies under Spanish, German, or British rule. The contributions cover colonial contexts in Latin America, Africa, and Asia across the centuries. They demonstrate how missionaries dealing with linguistic analyses and descriptions cooperated with colonial institutions and how their linguistic knowledge contributed to European domination.

Travels in West Africa

By Mary Kingsley
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Book Summary:

Mary Henrietta Kingsley was an English ethnographic and scientific writer and explorer whose travels throughout West Africa and resulting work helped shape European perceptions of African cultures and British imperialism. After a preliminary visit to the Canary Islands, Kingsley decided to travel to the west coast of Africa. The only non-African women who regularly embarked on (often dangerous) journeys to Africa were usually the wives of missionaries, government officials, or explorers. Exploration and adventure were not seen as fitting roles for women in the Victorian era. Yet, when Mary Kingsley's invalid parents died within six weeks of each other, she followed in her explorer father's footsteps and traveled to Africa against her society's every convention. Here is her lively and witty account of that journey, an immediate bestseller when it first came out in 1897 and every bit as gripping today. Kingsley's complicated and indomitable character shines through in each sentence, as she describes hacking, marching, and climbing her way through the continent. After more than a century, she remains a feminist icon and a most remarkable woman.

A Brief History of Human Culture in the 20th Century

By Qi Xin
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Book Summary:

This book examines the cultural concepts that guided the development of the “age of mankind”— the changes that took place in historical, philosophical, scientific, religious, literary, and artistic thought in the 20th century. It discusses a broad range of major topics, including the spread of commercial capitalism; socialist revolutions; the two world wars; anti-colonialist national liberation movements; scientific progress; the clashes and fusion of Eastern and Western cultures; globalization; women’s rights movements; mass media and entertainment; the age of information and the digital society. The combination of cultural phenomena and theoretical descriptions ensures a unity of culture, history and logic. Lastly, the book explores the enormous changes in lifestyles and the virtualized future, revealing cultural characteristics and discussing 21st -century trends in the context of information technology, globalization and the digital era.

Transnational Religious Spaces

By Philip Clart,Adam Jones
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Book Summary:

This volume, bringing together work by scholars from Europe, East Asia, North America, and West Africa, investigates transnational religious spaces in a comparative manner by juxtaposing East Asian and African examples. It highlights flows of ideas, actors, and organizations out of, into, or within a given continental space. These flows are patterned mainly by colonialism or migration. The book also examines cases where the transnational space in question encompasses both East Asia and Africa, notably in the development of Japanese new religions in Africa. Most of the studies are located in the present; a few go back to the late nineteenth century. The volume is rounded off by Thomas Tweed’s systematic reflections on categories for the study of transnationalism; his chapter "Flows and Dams" critically weighs the metaphorical language we use to think, speak, and write about transnational religious spaces.

The African Experience

By Vincent Khapoya
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Book Summary:

This book examines the role that Africa has played on the world stage, the African Union, the African leaders' efforts to take care of their own problems and lessen their dependence on the United States and European countries.

The Pandemic Century: One Hundred Years of Panic, Hysteria, and Hubris

By Mark Honigsbaum
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Book Summary:

With a New Chapter and Updated Epilogue on Coronavirus A Financial Times Best Health Book of 2019 and a New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice "Honigsbaum does a superb job covering a century’s worth of pandemics and the fears they invariably unleash." —Howard Markel, MD, PhD, director of the Center for the History of Medicine, University of Michigan How can we understand the COVID-19 pandemic? Ever since the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic, scientists have dreamed of preventing such catastrophic outbreaks of infectious disease. Yet despite a century of medical progress, viral and bacterial disasters continue to take us by surprise, inciting panic and dominating news cycles. In The Pandemic Century, a lively account of scares both infamous and less known, medical historian Mark Honigsbaum combines reportage with the history of science and medical sociology to artfully reconstruct epidemiological mysteries and the ecology of infectious diseases. We meet dedicated disease detectives, obstructive or incompetent public health officials, and brilliant scientists often blinded by their own knowledge of bacteria and viruses—and see how fear of disease often exacerbates racial, religious, and ethnic tensions. Now updated with a new chapter and epilogue.

Norwegian Shipping in the 20th Century

By Stig Tenold
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  • Category : Economic theory. Demography
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Book Summary:

This book is open access under a CC BY NC ND 4.0 license. This open access book discusses how Norwegian shipping companies played a crucial role in global shipping markets in the 20th century, at times transporting more than ten per cent of world seaborne trade. Chapters explore how Norway managed to remain competitive, despite being a high labour-cost country in an industry with global competition. Among the features that are emphasised are market developments, business strategies and political decisions The Norwegian experience was shaped by the main breaking points in 20th century world history, such as the two world wars, and by long-term trends, such as globalization and liberalization. The shipping companies introduced technological and organizational innovations to build or maintain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing world. The growing importance of offshore petroleum exploration in the North Sea from the 1970s was both a threat and an opportunity to the shipping companies. By adapting both business strategies and the political regime to the new circumstances, the Norwegian shipping sector managed to maintain a leading position internationally.

Imperial Leather

By Anne Mcclintock
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Book Summary:

Imperial Leather chronicles the dangerous liaisons between gender, race and class that shaped British imperialism and its bloody dismantling. Spanning the century between Victorian Britain and the current struggle for power in South Africa, the book takes up the complex relationships between race and sexuality, fetishism and money, gender and violence, domesticity and the imperial market, and the gendering of nationalism within the zones of imperial and anti-imperial power.

The Negro

By W.E.B. Bu Bois
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Book Summary:

William Edward Burghardt Du Bois was a black civil rights activist, leader, Pan-Africanist, sociologist, educator, historian, writer, editor, poet, and scholar. He became a naturalized citizen of Ghana in 1963 at the age of 95. "The time has not yet come for a complete history of the Negro peoples. Archaeological research in Africa has just begun, and many sources of information in Arabian, Portuguese, and other tongues are not fully at our command; and, too, it must frankly be confessed, racial prejudice against darker peoples is still too strong in so-called civilized centers for judicial appraisement of the peoples of Africa. Much intensive monographic work in history and science is needed to clear mooted points and quiet the controversialist who mistakes present personal desire for scientific proof. Nevertheless, I have not been able to withstand the temptation to essay such short general statement of the main known facts and their fair interpretation as shall enable the general reader to know as men a sixth or more of the human race. Manifestly so short a story must be mainly conclusions and generalizations with but meager indication of authorities and underlying arguments." - W. E. B. Du Bois

Modern Architecture in Africa

By Antoni S. Folkers,Belinda A. C. van Buiten
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  • Category : Political Science
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Book Summary:

This book offers unique insights into modern African architecture, influenced by modern European architecture, and at the same time a natural successor to existing site-specific and traditional architecture. It brings together the worlds of traditional site-specific architecture with the Modernist Project in Africa, which to date have only been considered in isolation. The book covers the four architectural disciplines: urban planning, building technology, building physics, and conservation. It includes an introduction with a historical outline and an analysis and comparison of a number of projects in various countries in Africa. On the basis of examples drawn from practice, the author documents and describes the hybrid architectural forms that have emerged from the confrontation and fusion with (pre)modern Western architecture and urban planning, and in so doing he also narrates the history of African architecture.

A ›Crisis of Whiteness‹ in the ›Heart of Darkness‹

By Felix Lösing
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  • Category : Social Science
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Book Summary:

The British and American Congo Reform Movement (ca. 1890-1913) has been praised extensively for its ›heroic‹ confrontation of colonial atrocities in the Congo Free State. Its commitment to white supremacy and colonial domination, however, continues to be overlooked, denied, or trivialised. This historical-sociological study argues that racism was the ideological cornerstone and formed the main agenda of this first major human rights campaign of the 20th century. Through a thorough analysis of contemporary sources, Felix Lösing unmasks the colonial and racist formation of the modern human rights discourse and investigates the ›historical work‹ of racism at a crossroads between imperial power and ›white crisis‹.